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Our Team.

Meet the founders behind MAWADDA 

Yasmin (Story)

We are honestly excited beyond measure! It is an honor to be blessed to start this beautiful journey of empowering young Muslim women in the healthcare industry.

My name is Yasmin Samatar, I am also a proud Muslim Somali Woman! I graduated from St. Catherine University with my bachelor's in Respiratory Care. I worked alongside Urji as a Respiratory Therapist for the past 4 years. It has been an eventful four years but Alhamdulilah (all praise due to the most high).

Going into the Respiratory Care field, I didn’t project the rapid growth Allah (God) had planned for me. My passion forever would be centered around helping others and making a mark for positive change, and my journey thus far in the healthcare field and journey through life as a Black Muslim woman built me strong enough to be able to follow my passion today.


Our goal is to help influence the younger generation and those entering the healthcare field to understand that your presence is valued and we hope to help lighten the path for you all so that you all are able to bring more positive changes as well!


We are very excited! Thank you all for all your support. We deeply appreciate it!

Firaoli (Story)

We are happy to announce our brand launch and to take you all onto this experience. Thank you all for all your warm wishes we are definitely excited to place our passion out into the world.

My name is Firaoli Adam also go by Urji.

I am a proud Muslim Oromo woman and a college graduate from St. Catherine University. I graduated in 2017 Alhamdulilah “all praise due to the most high”, I am specialized and currently registered as a Respiratory Therapist. I have worked in the healthcare field for over four years now. I’m very grateful for my experience in the healthcare field as a black Muslim woman I am proud to say although my experience was different; my journey in the healthcare field has shaped and molded my passion for helping others and creating a stepping stool for positive change.

Over the years as I stepped into every phase of my life and career my passion was always driven to help others, and build our community stronger to help mold the next generation. Healthcare has helped enlighten that journey for me and as I get into this next journey in life and new career venture I’m happy and really excited to be able to continue my passion for helping the next generation of healthcare workers and continue on this journey

I am very excited to bring this passion of ours into light!

Thank you for all your support.



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